Fortnite was the king of gaming in 2018. The popular game Epic Games was released in mid 2017, and after it jumped on the battle royale fad, it took off like gangbusters and hasn’t looked back since.

Now the numbers are coming in and unsurprisingly, Fortnite made an absolute killing in 2018. According to a new report from Nielsen’s SuperData Research, the popular game generated digital revenue of $2.4 billion, making it the most successful digital game of the year.

The figure is impressive on its own, but when you consider it is a free-to-play game, that means all of the revenue came from in-game purchases. Here are the top ten free-to-play games of 2018 in terms of revenue.

  1. Fortnite (Epic Games) – $2.4 billion
  2. Dungeon Fighter Online (Nexon) – $1.5 billion
  3. League of Legends (Riot Games, Tencent) – $1.4 billion
  4. Pokémon GO (Niantic) – $1.3 billion
  5. Crossfire (Neowiz Games) – $1.3 billion
  6. Honour of Kings 2 (Tencent) – $1.3 billion
  7. Fate/Grand Order (Aniplex) – $1.2 billion
  8. Candy Crush Saga King (Activision Blizzard) – $1.1 billion
  9. Monster Strike (Mixi) – $1.0 billion
  10. Clash Royale Supercell (Tencent) – $900 million

Some other games that proved to be quite popular was Red Dead Redemption 2 that made over $514 million in Q4 alone and that only includes digital sales. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was also another popular title, taking in over $1 billion in revenue.

Overall, the game industry hit $119.6 billion in total revenue and that success will continue to roll into 2019 as revenue is expected to reach $128.8 billion this calendar year.