Fortnite attracts casual gamers as well, but there's mostly a hardcore group that treats the free-to-play title like every match could be their last. Needless to say, you shouldn't mess with their gaming. Well, that didn't stop Jimmy Kimmel.

The late-night talk show host and comedian instructed a group of parents to interrupt their children while playing Fornite. Needless to say, these children got really upset.

In the bit, parents go right up to TVs and turn off the screen. Most children are unsure of what's going on at first, but not being able to see Fortnite sends them into a frenzy. Some are shocked and speechless, others throw a complete tantrum. Heck, one child charges his parent and gets a little handsy. So it's no secret that children take their Fortnite very seriously.

Watch the entire video here, which aired on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live:

The game has turned into a pop culture icon. Whether you play video games or not, you probably know about Fortnite. It earned a skit on Saturday Night Live earlier this year, too.

Epic Games released it over a year ago, but Fortnite continues growing and has more than 75 million monthly active players. Overall, around 200 million players checked in at least one time. Don't be fooled, though. Not all parents are against Fortnite and its life-consuming effect. Some parents are hiring Fortnite tutors to teach their children how to master the game.