After a prolonged wait, Epic Games on Tuesday finally added jetpacks to Fortnite, an item unlike the game has ever seen. The new item allows players to easily traverse great distances, but players are learning that they take skill to use. Nobody said being the Rocketeer would be easy.

A number of avid Fortnite players have taken to Twitter to showcase what the jetpack can do. Hilariously, most of these videos end with players getting knocked (or killed) from taking too much fall damage.

Turns out, these jetpacks don't last forever, so players will need to use them strategically during matches. Because they can help players traverse great distances—and heights—so quickly, they provide an advantage during battle. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear as though you can use targeting mode while in mid-flight, though you can shoot and throw grenades.

The jetpack introduces an interesting dynamic to Fortnite's building mechanic. If an enemy player has built a particularly high fort, someone with a jetpack can quickly fly to the top. Players can also use jetpacks to get to high points in the map without having to build.

But the new item doesn't come without its drawbacks. In addition to potentially falling to your doom, jetpacks are also really loud, so players will know you're coming from a mile away.

If you're on the hunt for a jetpack, they can be found in treasure chests as Legendary items, which means they're not readily available for everyone. Once you find one, it has to be equipped like any other weapon; it'll also take up space in your inventory.

The Fortnite v4.2 update also includes a number of other tweaks, along with two limited time modes. You can read the full patch notes below.