Epic Games has released a brand new slurry of assets for Fortnite, its upcoming cooperative building, survival and defense title for the PC.

We’ll start with the screenshots, one of which is a view of the game’s town map.

As the email we received with the assets indicated, “Yes, it still exists.”

The gameplay trailer itself shows off a few minutes of fort building, followed by a few minutes of defense. Build during the day, defend at night. It looks like things have the serious potential to go south when the sun sets.

According to the release that included this video and the images above, Fortnite is on track for a 2015 release on PC only. Other platforms might be considered, but the PC is the one getting attention right now.

There will also be an Alpha phase for the game that should see players let in before the end of 2014. Interested folks can sign up for that at Fortnite.com. The registration process should take less than 10 minutes.

What do you think of Fortnite? The game will be free-to-play, should that affect your opinion of it.