Epic Games released the Android version of Fortnite around a month ago, and it’s already achieved great success on the platform. More than 15 million players are using Android devices.

Fortnite shows no signs of slowing down. The studio explained that, in the first three weeks of availability, over 23 million players registered for the Android beta. So it has maintained a pretty solid conversion rate from invited to installed. In fact, Epic Games says the conversation rate is “pretty similar” to what it experienced for the iOS beta.

The free-to-play title will welcome additional players as its developer optimizes gameplay. When other platforms are taken into account, Fortnite hosts 125+ million players. It’s accessible on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC/Mac, and mobile.

In a blog post, Epic Games addressed how it’s growing Fortnite for Android and recent security concerns.

Because there are a large number of Android devices in the world, Fortnite needs to be tailored for different chips and software. Epic Games collaborated with Samsung, Google, Qualcomm, and Razer to make the game as smooth as possible. Yet there have also been challenges because of Android’s fragmentation.

When the Fortnite app opens, it automatically analyzes the device’s profile. The Unreal Engine then tailors the game for the hardware (CPU, GPU) and software present.

Epic Games mentioned the malware and scam problems, too. If you want Fortnite for Android, you must go through the studio’s website. But there are malware and scams targeting players in an effort to steal personal information. Almost four dozen unauthorized websites have been eliminated so far.

The lookout for malware and scams will continue. With such a large user base, Epic Games needs to stay on top of this situation.

Fortnite was labeled by the studio as the “first blockbuster game” to circumvent Google Play and still attract a massive number of players. As Google doesn’t earn a penny from the game, its maker tosses big bucks onto a mountain of cash from all platforms combined.