If you’re into both burgers and pizza, you’ll need to choose a side on Fortnite. Epic Games announced a new playlist, called Food Fight, that pits the two popular dishes against each other in an all-out war zone. It’s a playlist that tasks teams with defending their restaurants while attacking enemies on the other side.

Fortnite gets the playlist in v6.30, rolling out Wednesday across all platforms.

You’ll recognize the restaurants going at it. Durr Burger and Pizza Pit, which are staples of Fortnite, decided to engage in battle. So you’ll see Beef Boss and Tomatohead enlarged within fortresses and masked over team members’ heads.

Here’s the trailer for the new Food Fight playlist:

There isn’t any actual food to be thrown, but it’s still a pretty incredible themed playlist. Fortnite offers players the accessories necessary to look the part for Food Fight.

Aside from a new playlist, Epic Games also introduced several in-game items and bug fixes. Now there’s the Mounted Turret as well as the Last Word Revolver. Since the gameplay enhancements and bug fixes are plentiful, we recommend checking out the entire changelog for yourself. Then you’ll have a clear idea of what’s new in Fortnite.