The comet that’s been tormenting Fortnite fans over the past few weeks has finally smashed into the game’s map, leaving behind a ton of changes in its wake. Fans hoping the comet would crash into Tilted Towers will be sorely disappointed, as the point of impact happened at Dusty Depot.

Now, there’s a crater there and a brand new location called Dusty Divot. As you’d expect, the comet’s arrival has had some cosmic effects on the game’s landscape, including areas of low gravity around crash sites, which can be found all over the map. The changes should make for some very interesting gameplay moments, especially if the circle ends in the Dusty Divot area.

You can see a trailer that teases what to expect in Season 4:

In addition to Dusty Divot, there’s another new area called Risky Reels, which features a drive-in theatre sign as its major landmark. You can find it in the northern part of the map.

Epic’s patch notes also say the Season 4 Battle Pass include 100 tiers of new rewards, including cosmetic items, emotes, and Sprays. There are also a number of bug fixes, which you can see below.

  • Fixed a crash when using radial menus.
  • Improved texture streaming behavior when using a scope.
  • Fixed some objects being rendered using low-resolution textures.
  • Fixed weapon ammo count display in the HUD sometimes being incorrect.