Fortnite will be on all Android devices soon, but right now it's an exclusive for select Galaxy devices. Google, though, won't even see it join the Play Store in a few weeks. That's because Epic Games decided against splitting revenue and will receive the money from in-app purchases. But it also means there are a growing number of knockoffs.

When there are knockoffs of a popular app, it's usually pretty easy to identify them. The app you're looking for will often appear at the top of the list. It should also have a reputable developer's name shown.

Because the battle-royale title isn't available on the Play Store, there's more risk involved that could lead to potential scams. The Mountain View-based company stepped in and issued a warning for all Android users. Now it's clear that the Play Store doesn't offer Fortnite.

If you search for Fortnite on the Play Store, here's the result:

The warning at the top confirms Epic Games didn't publish Fortnite on the Play Store. However, it doesn't point users in any other direction. And that's understandable. Google shouldn't need to promote an app or game that it doesn't offer.

Epic Games still gets some attention because a new game, called Battle Breakers, will be released for Android and other platforms later this year.

Interested in Fortnite? You can already play it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and iOS. When the Android version welcomes non-Galaxy devices, you'll need to manually install the APK. Just follow Epic Games' instructions and you're on your way to diving out of a Battle Bus from your phone.