Fortnite isn't letting users merge their accounts anytime soon.

In a blog post, Epic Games confirmed the feature has faced "technological concerns" and will be rolled out in early 2019. The publisher-developer first announced it would offer account merging in November, but its team couldn't overcome hurdles for proper functionality. With that, users on Fortnite are stuck with multiple accounts across different platforms for a bit longer.

The feature will let users sync content between platforms. It'll ensure in-game purchases, V-Bucks, statistics, and progress remain on one account.

You can play Fortnite on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. It's unclear where the title can go next, but Epic Games must be thrilled about its global, still-growing nature. It's deeply inserted itself into popular culture, too.

Epic Games stated that, as of late September, more than 75 million monthly active players were in action. This week, Fortnite reached 200 million players in total. Keep in mind that's how many people checked in on Fortnite at least once, though. Many of them never returned to the battlefield.

As for account merging, the community shouldn't be too disappointed. There's plenty of content on Fortnite and users want a bug-free experience more than anything else. It's best to way for account merging to work perfectly than rush it and face a myriad of issues.