John Riccitiello

Unity's picked up a new CEO: John Riccitiello.

Current Unity CEO David Helgason is stepping aside, according to GamesBeat, and Riccitiello will take his place. You might remember him as EA's CEO from 2007 until March 2013.

Unity is an alternative game engine to more mainstream tools like CryENGINE and Unreal Engine 4, and is frequently used by independent developers because of its lower barrier of entry in both price and usability.

While Unity was recently looking for a buyer, GamesBeat reports that they have decided not to sell, as suggested by bringing on a new officer.

Riccitiello's big contribution to EA was to shift the company away from making a licensed game for every movie on earth to a focus on new IPs like Dead Space and Mirror's Edge. While the titles weren't financially successful enough to impress investors, many of the titles he helped push through are fan favorites.

Unity Technologies started as a game developer, but shifted away from that to focus on developing the engine itself. Current CEO Helgason says the number of licenses has doubled from 300,000 to  630,000, so it could be that Unity is looking to go the route of Epic and develop some internal titles that show off the strengths of the engine. Riccitiello's experience could be a good starting point for that.

Regardless, Unity Technologies will likely see some big changes in the near future.