Former BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, who introduced BlackBerry 10 to the world during his tenure at the company, was recently named the new CEO and chairman of wireless charging company Powermat. Heins will replace the current CEO and founder of Powermat, Ran Poliakane, who will remain with the company as a vice president, The Wall Street Journal said Tuesday.

Powermat was one of the first companies to the market with a consumer-focused wireless charging solution and is a member of the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) that competes directly with Qi, another wireless charging standard that was built by the Wireless Power Consortium. Powermat and PMA have several supporters in the United States, including AT&T, Starbucks, Duracell and GM, though Qi has been adopted by more smartphone makers.

The Wireless Power Consortium, for example, includes members such as HTC, Nokia, Motorola, LG, Samsung and others, many of which have built and sold smartphones with Qi wireless charging support built-in. That's one of the reasons we've seen some of those devices lacking wireless charging functionality when launched on carriers like AT&T, which backs the PMA, in the United States. Thankfully, the WMA and yet another consortium, the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP), recently joined forces.

Like his time at BlackBerry, Heins certainly has his work cut out for him as he works to build Powermat and, therefore PMA, as the leader in the wireless charging market.