Legend of HeroesXSEED Games has hired former Atlus USA CEO Shinichi Suzuki to act as President and CEO of its up-and-coming localization company. Suzuki stepped down from Atlus in early August.

XSEED has been a rising star bringing PS2, DS and PSP games to American shores, and after hits like Half Minute Hero and The Last Story scored big with gamers and critics, XSEED seems primed to become the next big thing in JRPGs. A man with a passion for good games is exactly what the fledgling company needs.

Shinichi Suzuki is often given credit for turning Atlus USA from a niche little publisher into one of the leading players of Japanese video game localization. During his eight year tenure, the company popularized its own huge library of JRPG series, including the award winning Persona games, as well as giving many the opportunity to play other titles they would have never gotten to enjoy otherwise. Disgaea: Hours of Darkness, Demon’s Souls, Catherine, Radiant Historia, Etrian Odyssey… the long list is chalked full of highly regarded games Atlus took the gambles on that nobody else would take.

More importantly though, Suzuki is credited for creating one of the most positive relationships between a publishing company and its fans. No fans are treated as well as Atlus’ fans, and no doubt, XSEED wants to generate that kind of intimate relationship as well.

“I have always respected XSEED Games, so this was an opportunity I could not pass up. This is an exciting time for the industry and our company, and I look forward to navigating a course of success through the exciting changes in store as we advance XSEED’s publishing efforts by bringing even more highly anticipated titles to market across multiple platforms.”

Former president and CEO Ken Berry will now handle the business side of localization. XSEED’s next game will be Ragnarok Odyssey for the PlayStation Vita.

[via Siliconera]