Ron Johnson helped launch the Apple Store back in 2001, and now he's back with a startup that wants to bring that same experience to the world of online shopping. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, the former Apple retail exec offered a few hints at how his new company, called Enjoy, will work.

It's unclear exactly what Enjoy will sell, but Johnson says the company will focus on "things that matter." He also notes that the "try before you buy" strategy used by Apple will also be a big factor here, though it's unclear how it might be implemented in an online shopping environment. Maybe Enjoy will ship you a test unit before you actually make the purchase, or maybe he plans to open physical stores.

Johnson also puts an emphasis on customer service, another key part of the Apple Store strategy. Enjoy will apparently focus on pricier products, rather than smaller purchases. "That's when you typically want something more than fast delivery; you might want a little help," Johnson told WSJ. "There's a place for high touch in a high-tech world."

There's still a lot we don't know about Enjoy, though that secrecy may be part of the strategy as well—another tactic borrowed from Cupertino. Johnson is also joined by two more Apple veterans. Jerry McDougal worked as a retail vice president for the company, while Tom Suiter served as a creative director for the iMac and other products.

Enjoy is slated to launch in 2015, though hopefully we'll learn a bit more about the new company before then.