BlackBerry is making headlines more than ever now, but not because of its smartphones or BlackBerry 10 operating system. Instead, we've heard plenty of reports of several individuals and firms interested in snapping up the entirety, or parts of the company. The latest interest comes from former Apple CEO John Sculley, according to The Globe and Mail.

Sculley expressed his interest in the company recently. "The only thing I would say is, I think there's a lot of future value in BlackBerry," he told The Globe and Mail. "But without experienced people who have run this type of business, and without a strategic plan, it would be really challenging." He said any buyer would need to be able to implement a strategy for success.

Lenovo is also reportedly interested in snatching up part of BlackBerry, and recently signed a non-disclosure agreement to look over the company's financials. There's speculation that Lenovo would be prevented from buying the firm outright, over security concerns, however. Former CEO and co-founder Mike Lazaridis is also eyeing a possible bid, and Fairfax Financial recently offered $4.7 billion for BlackBerry. The firm's future will ultimately lie in someone else's hands, it seems.