Hey everybody! E3 2015 is going pretty great, huh? Lots of exciting, next generation games! So many galleries and trailers. For all the excitement though, you have to expect a few casualties along the way. We've all had an interesting game that popped up at a trade-show only to never see the light of day. Overstrike remains a big one for me, but today we are going to be digging even deeper into your memories.

I want you to think of a game that a very, very small percentage of gamers might have known existed at one point. One that lingers on in the darkest corners of a very select few memory banks. Overstrike is great, but lots of people know about that one. Think of something that would have been really great if only more people had known about it.

I'm going to throw this little ditty out there. Back in 2002, the PlayStation 2 was on top of the world and the millennium anime boom was still in full stride. SEGA showed off a trailer for Trigun: The Planet Gunsmoke at a single GameJam convention. After that, it never appeared at any other show ever again, and most likely even less people might have heard about it if some savvy attendee in the audience hadn't pulled out his digital camera and shot the thing off-screen.

Remember, this was before the smartphone explosion. Such an act was not natural instinct at the time.

For those who don't know, Trigun is one of those excellent animes that helped the medium boom into mainstream success at the turn of the millennium. Many will point to it as one of the first post-Dragon Ball Z hits, not to mention one of their gateway animes to break away from DBZ, thanks to constant airing on Adult Swim alongside Cowboy Bebop, Rurouni Kenshin and Outlaw Star.

It told the story of a wandering rogue named Vash the Stampede, a wanted criminal famous for wearing a long, red coat and leaving nothing but death in his path. With a $$60,000,000,00 (and yes, in the show it was written as $$) price on his head, every bounty hunter on his desert planet wanted a piece of that cash. However, when they turned up in packs to kill him, they found out that he was a hapless idiot who only managed to escape because of pure luck each and every time…

…or is there more than just the devil's luck to this weirdo. Like most animes, Trigun takes a serious turn towards the dark in the second half of its 26 episode run.

Trigun: The Planet Gunsmoke was set to take place on the same planet and cast players as a fully customized bounty hunter. Online opportunities were also rumored to be an option, but this was long before the PlayStation 2 scored an attachable modem. Cel-shaded graphics also were on the tips of everyone's mouths based on this trailer alone.

SEGA tapped Red Entertainment to develop the game for them, but since this trailer aired, both companies have been "no comment" about it. I doubt if they answer a whole lot of questions about it anymore. Red Entertainment would go on to make the underrated Gungrave games for SEGA, which many believe uses some resources from Trigun: The Planet Gunsmoke. Trigun's original creator Yasuhiro Nightow shares credits on both.

Just think about that for a minute! A popular anime was set to become a game. The game got cancelled and became another game. Then that game became a popular anime in its stead. I've never seen the Gungrave anime though. Any good?

Trigun: The Planet Gunsmoke would have been a neat game, but I think the collective gaming crowd is over it. Forgive my lack of cultural awareness though, but I can't think of where I heard that background music before. Someone help me out. I know it's a classic composition.

How about it? 20 seconds of a trailer caught off camera by one guy. Can you think of anything more obscure?