Despite our smartphone cameras getting better over time, one thing that has always remained the same is the nauseatingly jittery clips when we try to shoot video with them — particularly when we try to record ourselves.

Enter the iPhone Swivl from Photojojo. Now this is a product that gives self-shooters reason to cheer. Without any arm-stretching feats of tech yoga or assistance from a friend, you can record video of yourself using a motion-tracking base that can pan around, shooting you wherever you are. It works by receiving signal from the sensor that you wear. (This clip-on attachment itself is also supremely handy — it's a three-in-one device that works as motion sensor, audio mic and remote.) Despite the Swivl name, its movements aren't restricted to just a limited horizontal plane, but it can rotate or tilt up and down, depending on where you are.

But that's not the best part. The iPhone Swivl name is also a misnomer for a second reason: It's actually gadget agnostic. Well, sorta. There is an iPhone app that lets users change the panning speed, but apart from that (and the remote function), this accessory doesn't care what device you're using. As long it's lighter than six grams and less than 11 mm in depth, you can plop a digital camera or an Android phone in there.

Alas, cost-effectiveness is where Swivl seems to draw the line. With $179, you could buy a whole new mid-class device, or at least get most of the way to a smartphone beast. Well, at least it can live awhile in your arsenal, no matter how many times you change that smartphone out.

(via GeekSugar, source Photojojo)