After years of sticking with the same design, Apple finally overhauled the look of its iPhone with the iPhone X. It looks great with an edge-to-edge display that covers the entire front. Best of all, it comes in a much smaller body than the previous Plus versions of the iPhone without sacrificing display size.

That’s great and all, but what if Apple took it a step further? What if the edge-to-edge display made its way to the iPhone SE, giving users a huge display in a tiny phone? Curved did just that with a reimagined iPhone SE concept and the result is the iPhone we’ve been asking for.

The familiar boxy body returns, with the flat sides and dual-tone back of glass and metal. Even at five years old, this design still looks fantastic. The concept imagines four color options: Space Gray, Gold, Rose Gold and a new all-Black stainless steel version.

Where the big difference occurs is on the front, with the edge-to-edge OLED display making its way from the iPhone X to the iPhone SE, including the notch. Reaching to top to bottom, the new display breathes life into the iPhone SE design.

Curved’s concept also imagines the iPhone SE with TouchID embedded into the display. This isn’t available right now, but there is talk Apple may include it in future iPhones.

Other nice details Curved added for the iPhone SE, for the better or worse, was a new dual camera without a hump and the deletion of the headphone jack. The former detail is welcomed, but the latter is not needed, even in a concept.

If this phone existed, I’d take it over the iPhone X in a heartbeat. It offers a compact chassis that fits perfectly in the hand with an estimated 4.8-inch display. Apple now just needs to make it happen.

You can check out Curved’s full concept down below.