Samsung unveiled its newest flagship, the Galaxy S9, not that long ago. It’s a fantastic device, but if there is one complaint we have, it’s how little it has changed compared to its predecessor. To the undiscerning eye, it is the Galaxy S8, only more expensive. Those who are thinking of saving money going for the Galaxy S8, you’re going to want to hear about Amazon’s impressive discount of the device.

Right now you can scoop up the Samsung’s Galaxy S8 in Midnight Black (64GB) through Amazon for just $599. That’s the cheapest price you’ll find right now. For comparison, the lowest any carrier sells the device for is $654, and that’s AT&T. Verizon and T-Mobile sell the S8 for $696 each, while Sprint sells it for $750.

Going for the discounted Galaxy S8 through Amazon will net you at least $50 in savings, if not $150.

If you do end up going through a carrier, you may be able to net even more savings through qualifying trade-ins, but those always tend to be overly complicated. Amazon’s price point is much more straight up.

Amazon doesn’t mention how long it’ll offer the Galaxy S9 for $599, but better to jump on it sooner rather than later.

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