During its IPO roadshow, Snapchat has often referred to itself as a “camera” company. It kind of makes sense, since Snapchat really is a sort of social camera experience. Snapchat also does indeed sell a camera in the form of Spectacles, the smart glasses that market its foray into the hardware business. Now The New York Times suggests Snapchat may also be building a drone.

The news outlet didn’t have many details to share beyond noting that Snapchat has explored the idea and may be building the device. A drone makes sense, too, because it would give Snapchatters another way to share their experiences – from above. The New York Times didn’t say what kind of drone Snapchat might be building. In general, a drone can cost as little as $30 or so and fly for seconds at a time around the house, cost thousands of dollars and record 4K video, or sit anywhere between the two.

What kind of drone?

My guess is Snapchat would try to take over some of the mid-range market, maybe chasing companies like DJI at the lower end. Or perhaps it would try something more fun, something in the $100 range not unlike Spectacles that flies briefly and can provide viewers with quick clips. It’s unclear if anything will ever come to fruition, but I hope Snapchat continues to explore new hardware. Spectacles are fun!