Earlier versions of Ford SYNC with MyFord Touch, the infotainment system in Ford cars, was about as awful as an in-car computer could get. Consider yourself blessed if you never had to interact with it. Now, documents that were recently exposed in a class-action lawsuit, show that Ford engineers knew how bad the Ford SYNC was before launch, too.

According to Detroit News, which dug through some of the lawsuit's filings, engineers knew Ford SYNC with MyFord Touch was "unsaleable." Ford tried to fix the bugs and problems in the first iterations, but engineers considered the software update a "polished turd." Ford pushed the updates out anyway.

The scary part is that issues with Ford SYNC and MyFord Touch were so bad that "screens would freeze or go blank," Detroit News said. That's sort of frightening if you're relying on those screens for directions. Error messages for phone calls were also reported, according to the news outlet, and Ford's CEO Mark Fields even reportedly busted his screen in frustration. Something must be wrong when the CEO of your company is literally beating his product.

The lawsuit is still ongoing in California, but this evidence doesn't seem to bode well for Ford.