Customers can install the upgrade in one of three ways: by using the OTA option in Wi-Fi-connected cars, by visiting their local Ford dealership, or by downloading the firmware on a USB drive and plugging it into their vehicle.

For those unaware, Android Auto is supported on all smartphones running Android 5.0+, while CarPlay is compatible with the iPhone 5 and later (iOS 7.1+).

With approximately 800,000 vehicles running SYNC 3 from 2016, it's a pretty significant update, to say the least. That's not to say it's going to go smoothly, though.

There's a minor hitch in the process

As noted by SlashGear, there's a minor hitch in the process. Those wanting to take advantage of CarPlay in a 2016 Ford will need to visit a dealer for a USB hub upgrade. Android Auto, on the other hand, will work instantly.