Ford will be the first car manufacturer to hold a press conference at Mobile World Congress, and the first to debut a vehicle at the show. The company announced plans today to debut the all-new Ford B-MAX at the mobile trade show on February 27th, as well as deliver a keynote at the event.

“Revealing the B-MAX at Mobile World Congress underlines how important technology is to customers and to Ford,” said Stephen Odell, chairman and CEO, Ford of Europe. “B-MAX will raise the bar for small vehicles in Europe, combining technology and premium engineering into a compact frame.”

Many car manufacturers have started including elaborate app suites in their vehicles, as well as cell phone connectivity that allows you to bring some of the functionality of your mobile phone on the road with you. Ford has already announced that the B-MAX will include its new easy access door system, a system which allows you to not only open the side doors, but also slide the open. “The door concept means you can load really large items, more than 2.3 meters long, through the side doors,” said Ernst Reim, Chief Interior Designer, Ford of Europe. “This makes a trip to the furniture store, or even a day at the beach with your surfboard, more realistic.”

It will be interesting to see what Ford bring to the table with the B-MAX. The company has described the vehicle as one of the most technologically-advanced vehicles on the market. It’s bound to be something pretty fantastic if they’ve decided to go all the way to Barcelona to unveil it.

What sort of mobile tech would you like to see come to cars? What do you think Ford has in store with the B-MAX?