force touch apple watch

Just how big will Force Touch technology be for the iPhone? Huge.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, the technology will represent “the most significant change” yet, allowing Apple to create all new interface experiences it couldn’t otherwise without Force Touch present. The change might be so big that Apple could designate this year’s update as “iPhone 7,” rather than the expected “iPhone 6s.”

Kuo doesn’t reveal how the user interface would change, so that’s being left up to our imagination. In a device like the Apple Watch, for example, Force Touch is used to trigger contextually specific controls. So if you were to firmly press down on the screen, additional controls would come up in apps like messages, music and calendar. For the iPhone, Force Touch could trigger a variety of actions depending on what app you’re in. Imagine what developers could do with an API.

Several outlets have seemingly confirmed Apple will integrate Force Touch technology into the next iPhone update, though one report seems to believe it’ll be an exclusive to the larger model. That would be hugely disappointing, but it would certainly give Apple a way to sell the company’s more expensive flagship.

In addition to his claims about Force Touch coming to the iPhone, Kuo also mentions that Apple probably won’t introduce a new 4-inch device later this year, which means the iPhone 6c might not become a reality after all.