A new report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News claims Apple’s Force Touch technology, which first debuted in the Apple Watch (and a few trackpads) is going to be an iPhone 6s Plus exclusive.

Multiple reports have claimed the new feature was primed to make the transition over to mobile, becoming a headlining feature in Apple’s fabled “s” update this fall. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Apple’s smaller, more agile iPhone will be bestowed with Force Touch powers.

When the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released last year, the two were essentially identical, although the larger model came equipped with optical image stabilization and a 1080p screen. You have to entice people to your more expensive model somehow, right? That seems to be Apple’s line of thought; if true, Apple will further push the two models apart, seemingly favoring the larger model as its major flagship.

There have been plenty of reports suggesting the iPhone 6s will in fact receive Force Touch when it hits later this year, so it may not be an exclusive to the larger model after all. If the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s simply got more RAM and a faster chip, that would be a pretty measly update.

It’s likely iOS 9 will give us hints about Apple’s intentions to use Force Touch in the upcoming iPhone models, so we’ll see what’s unveiled at WWDC this summer.