Maybe you’re a film geek. Maybe you watch the Oscars because — well, you need something to root for (or bet on) between the Super Bowl and March Madness. And who doesn’t love getting their full snark on as the circus of Hollywood parades around?

No doubt, the Academy Awards gala itself will be plenty of entertainment. But for hardcore fans of the event, there’s even more available that can expand that showtime experience via the mobile device you already own. They’re all completely free, and offer something for every type of Oscars fanatic.

So without further adieu, here are the five contenders for your consideration:

For the Would-be Awards Show Insider

Oscars (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad): This one’s a no-brainer if you love the awards show and have an iOS device. It’s the official app from ABC and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences featuring trailers, nominee bios, and clips of Billy Crystal’s past performances. Users also get a peep backstage via live feeds, with camera controls to see different POVs, a list of Oscars news and noteworthy tweets, plus sharing features to publicize your pre-show picks. (Link to iOS app.)

For the Fashion Addicted

E! Live From the Red Carpet (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Windows Phone) – Free: This app has been revamped with a fresher UI, bringing E! coverage right to your mobile device. The app features celebrity interviews, early looks at the outfits, a new “Livestream” during the red carpet show (which multiple camera angles), along with E!’s exclusive GlamCam 360 and the night’s hottest Twitter trends, among other related news, polls and tweets. Plus, throughout the year, it also covers other industry galas, including the Golden Globes, Grammy Awards, SAG Awards, red carpet walks of movie premieres and film festivals. (Link to iOS app, Android app, Windows app)

For the Vanity Fair Editor Wannabe

Vanity Fair Hollywood (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android): Vanity Fair’s awards show after-party is legendary in Tinseltown. But even though you haven’t scored an invitation, you can still be in the loop on VF’s take on the extravaganza. It features polls, editor picks and tweets, sharing features, leaderboards of who your friends are voting for, and movie trailers of the nominees. (Link to iOS app, link to Android app.)

For The Film Geek

IMDb Movies & TV (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android): Chances are, if you’re into films, you already have this app. But if you never got around to downloading it, take this a reminder. You get details like trivia, historical info, cast and crew lists, production and publicity photos, trailers, clips and more, on practically any major movie or TV show you can think of. Been meaning to learn more about Viola Davis? Peruse her bio as she strolls down the carpet. Where else have you seen Rooney Mara? Launch the IMDB app, and — duh, hello — she was in The Social Network, one of the most tech-buzzy flicks in recent memory. Seriously, go download it. Do it now. (Link to iOS app, link to Android app.)

For Those Betting On The Oscars

Awards Hero: Oscars Edition (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad): It’s amazing how passionate my Oscars-apathetic friend becomes once he puts 10 smackers down on a horse… er, nominee. People who want to start their own pool may be interested in this offering. The Oscars version of Awards Hero is actually really well done. It makes creating and organizing pools easy, and there’s even a historical section that rounds up past winners and nominees. (Link to iOS app.)

Are you planning on watching the Academy Awards? How will you do it? Going to a party? Nestled in your jammies at home? Hiding in a local bar until it’s all over? Tell us where you’ll be this Sunday.

[via Appolicious/Chicago Tribune]