Could this be the smallest Apple Mac laptop ever? No, it’s simply the perfect stocking stuffer for the Apple fangirl who has everything. Now she has a way to indulge her polished looks and her tech tastes all at once.

The Mirror Book Air is a Mac-tastic take on the ubiquitous compact make-up mirror. Sure, you’d spring for a real laptop or ultrabook if you could, but at least this super-cute stocking stuffer can still bring some i-happiness upon its wee little unboxing.

Not bad for such a small wonder, and it’s cheap too, available for less than $10 at places like DealExtreme, Alibaba or eBay. Or you could grab a few, pop out the mirrors and dangle them from a tree for some Applesque ornaments or trick out that sleek miniature tech setup.

Clearview doll house

[Via The Fancy]