Apple iPadFigures like this never cease to amaze me. According to ad network and data analytics firm Chitika, Apple’s iPad accounts for 94.64 percent of all tablet Web traffic. The second closest, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, represented only 1.22 percent. That’s like going to a buffet but only eating a bread crumb. Way to eat all the food, Apple!

The iPad has basically become synonymous with the tablet scene. In fact, you might as well replace the world “tablet” with “iPad;” there just isn’t any other device that compares. The Kindle Fire sits at 0.80 percent, while the Transformer Prime falls behind the Galaxy Tab at 1.20 percent.

Of course, the data collected from Chitika is admittedly from a small sample set. According to Chitika, “We queried our vast ad network for impressions stemming from a tablet of any sort. From there we sorted our data into categories of the various tablet devices. As we had hypothesized, the iPad was overwhelmingly dominant versus the competition.”

Companies have been trying to play catch up by hitting Apple with quad-core devices, but so far nothing has been able to match the iPad’s dominance. And with the Cupertino company selling 67 million iPads in just two years, the truth is that the device probably won’t be stopped, no matter how excited we are about seeing a Windows 8-equipped tablet.

[via Chitika]