The iPhone 4S was revealed earlier this week to some mixed reactions, to put it lightly. Yes it has an upgraded camera and the iPad 2's A5 chip for faster performance and better graphics. But the lack of a redesign has left consumers feeling… underwhelmed. Whether you're disappointed or not, the real star of Apple's unveiling, one that fans are most excited to get their hands on, was Siri. The new voice command feature sounds incredibly useful and convenient, allowing users to use natural language to ask questions, "Do I need an umbrella today?" and make commands "Tell my wife I'm running late." Unfortunately for owners with older generations iPhones, including iPhone 4 owners, Siri will only be available on Apple's new iPhone 4S.

Without trying to add too much more confusion to the mix, we here at TechnoBuffalo are wondering whether or not Siri might show up on the iPad 2 at some point in the future. Siri is supposedly only available on the iPhone 4S because of its new A5 chip – the very same that is in the iPad 2. There has been no definitive word from Apple, but it makes complete sense, especially when you consider the iPad 2 is being used by education, medicine, businesses and airlines. With the release of the Kindle Fire fast approaching, Siri could be a killer feature for Apple's iPad 2, so why not? Perhaps a feature better saved for a future iPad update? You can bet the rumor mills will be churning.