We all know that The Dark Knight is the best movie on Earth. That's a given, amirite? Well, how great would a video game adaptation have been? Probably not as exhilarating, but it did almost happen!

For those who don't remember, back when video game movie tie-ins were still popular, EA owned the rights to develop games based on the Batman films. After the middling success of Batman Begins, which some claim is actually a decent Batman game, the company pursued the next obvious course of action: to develop a game based on the monstrously successful sequel.

Actor Gary Oldman once spoke of this video game's existence, but no footage has ever been shown to the public nor has EA ever mentioned it in any official capacity.

The video game grave diggers at Unseen64, the same site which unearthed the recent Avengers and Star Wars: Battlefront 3 footage, has revealed gameplay from this canceled Batman game for the very first time. Development was obviously in a very early state when the plug was pulled.

What happened? Well, Eidos also happened to own the license to publish games for the Batman comics, and a little game called Arkham Asylum came around. Yeah, talk about a hard act to follow. Afterwards, major movie tie-ins went out of style and fled to iOS and Android, and this project never got back up and running.

Did we miss out or did we dodge a bullet? I think this whole scenario played out in the best possible way, and I would rather just have Batman: Arkham Asylum and call it a day.