Election Day is almost upon us here in the U.S., as huge numbers will rock the vote on November 6. It has been a heated election season, and it seems that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are in a close race — in fact, both have been cited as poll leaders in various swing states (depending on where you get your news).

Used to be that newspapers, radios and broadcast TV were the only ways to follow the action, but these days you can stay abreast of the latest developments faster than ever. Toward that end, here's the newshound's ultimate list of Election Day Twitter accounts to follow for breaking updates, opinions and more. (And if you're really serious about tracking the results, be ready to slap in that #election2012 hashtag.)

Here's the shortlist:

The Candidates

Key Campaign People


That's the short list. If you're looking for even more pundits, insiders and reporters to follow… well, admit it — you're addicted to election news. The first step is to admit it. The second is to hit up the source link for the full list. (But you may not want to go whole hog on this. It might break Twitter… and compromise your sanity. You've been warned.)

Are you following the election? Is it shaking out the way you expected? Let us know in the comments.

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