The dream of a device with a foldable display has been floating around for years. Samsung’s rumored Project Valley is expected to arrive in 2017, but Oppo may already have a working foldable handset to show off.

A leaked video shows the device in action. A small metal rectangle seamlessly unfolds to reveal a 7-inch display. However, it’s unclear if we’re seeing an actual powered-on phone or a just a few dummy units with a static homescreen placeholders. We’re guessing the latter.

Oppo’s smartphone also appears to sport a single front-facing camera off to the side of the display, which seems like an odd placement. It’s possible there could also be a second camera in back that we can’t see in this video.

The company has apparently been working on its foldable phone since August 2015 and had a working prototype ready to go earlier this year in February. There’s still no word on when this futuristic gadget will actually come out, but we may learn more soon now that the cat’s out of the bag. In the meantime check out the video below for a closer look.