Foldable smartphones still aren't quite ready for primetime, you can blame the expensive process of developing foldable displays and the lack of other bendable components for that, but Samsung may be ready to start teasing the concept to partners. A report from ETNews out of Korea this week suggests Samsung will show a foldable smartphone during Mobile World Congress next month.

Unfortunately for show-goers, however, it sounds like the prototype will be kept behind closed doors. ETNews said that Samsung won't present the device at its press conference and will instead only show the prototype to "invited customers" who will also get to see Samsung's latest foldable display technology. It's likely that Samsung will use this as a proof of concept for companies that may want to buy its displays for other products, possibly even smartphones. The report indicated Samsung may have some of its foldable displays and, possibly, other foldable proof-of-concepts on display.

Samsung will have other products to show the public. The company is reportedly gearing up to unveil the Galaxy Tab S3 tablet during the show, and some rumors suggest it may even tease the Galaxy S8 smartphone at the end of its press conference.

Galaxy X

This isn't the first time we've heard of Samsung's foldable smartphone efforts. The company has been relatively straightforward with its development of bendable displays. Rumors from last spring even indicated Samsung might unveil a foldable smartphone dubbed the "Galaxy X" sometime this year. Last month, a separate report from the Korea Herald also said Samsung and LG may launch foldable smartphones this year. So far, though, there's no indication these devices will actually see the light of day this year, though that may change really soon. If only walls could talk during Samsung's MWC meetings.