When Felix Baumgartner leaps from nearly 23 miles up next month, he will be accompanied by what Aerospace Imaging Specialist Jay Nemeth described as a "flying television studio." In all, the rig that'll float Baumgartner to the precipice of space will lug 15 cameras, including RED's 4k digital cinema cameras with pressurized temperature housings.

Baumgartner's attempt will break Joe Kittinger's previous record of 102,800 feet, which was set all the way back in 1960. Technology has obviously progressed since then, and it's pretty cool to see how Stratos, the moniker tagged onto the project, plans to document the insane stunt.

The system is complex, and anything could go wrong with the camera rig at any moment. But losing one or two cameras in the process of this monumental jump is better than the alternative: an equipment failure in Baumgartner's suit. We'll be keeping our eyes on the progress of the mission as Baumgartner nears his final jump, which is planned for late August or early September.

[via Gizmodo]