Last month, the Flyboard Air blew our minds when a video surfaced showing the jet-powered hoverboard in action. Now its creator, Franky Zapata, has set an official Guinness World Record for longest hoverboard flight.

Zapata took his record-breaking hoverboard ride over the weekend at an event in southern France. He flew for 7,388 feet, beating the previous record (yup, there was a previous record) by a wide margin. In the video above you can watch the Flyboard Air takeoff and land, following by a celebration immediately afterward.

The Flyboard Air is a follow-up to the popular water-based Flyboard, which lets you fly a few feet above a body of water. This new model is totally untethered and capable of flying at 93 miles per hour and up to 10,000 high. The design includes six turbo engines to keep you in the air, along with a backpack full of jet fuel to power the experience.

Zapata previously said it takes about 50 to 100 hours of experience with the water-based Flyboard before you can even try the Flyboard Air. He hasn’t revealed any plans to mass-produce the device either, but after breaking the world record he’ll probably have plenty of demand once he’s ready to start selling it.