If you’re looking to buy a 3D printer there are plenty of options available right now, ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Then there’s FLUX, a modular 3D printer that promises to do everything the competition can and more starting at just $499 on Kickstarter.

FLUX is a lightweight 3D printer with a 3D scanner built into the base, meaning you can grab any small object, scan it and then quickly print a copy. That’s just scratching the surface of what this device can do though, thanks to a handful of attachable extensions including a laser engraver, a ceramics extruder, and a pastry extruder for printing food. Flux also has an open software development kit, so anyone can build their own modules that work seamlessly with the device.

You can even control this 3D printer with your smartphone or tablet thanks to built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Finally, the company is developing a FLUX Studio app that should make it easy for anyone to create 3D models and print them out.

By taking advantage of FLUX’s early bird special, you can pre-order the 3D printer for as little as $499, while the non-discounted classic model costs $599. Either way, it comes with 500 grams of plastic printing material and the option to bundle in a laser engraver module and safety glasses for $80 extra. All pre-orders should ship by July 2015, though like with any Kickstarter product delays are always a possibility.