Some of the coolest downloadable titles on PlayStation 3 are also heading to PlayStation 4. Thatgamecompany’s flOw and Flower, Queasy Games’ Sound Shapes, and Fun Bits Interactive’s Escape Plan will be joining the PlayStation 4 downloadable library in November.

Flower and Sound Shapes will appear on launch day, November 15th, while flOw and Escape Plan pop up two weeks later on November 29th.

That’s not all, though. All four games are cross-buy games, with each purchase giving you another reason to buy Sony’s PS Vita. Finally and most importantly, if you own these games on PlayStation 3 or PS Vita already, they’ll be available to you on PlayStation 4 at no additional cost. I’m especially excited about this after losing my PlayStation 3 to a lighting strike late this summer. Don’t worry, I finished The Last of Us first.

This surprise announcement addresses one of the concerns many fans have had about backwards compatibility during the transition to the new generation. While we can always go back to our physical discs, what about all those downloads? Hopefully Sony and developers will continue to make more and more games from the current generation available on the next generation. I’m rooting for the PixelJunk library next.