First the Flip video camera line, and now Flock? It seems the technosphere is doing some Spring cleaning, as the social browser has now become the latest innovation to land on the defunct pile. The notice that went out today, which stated that support will be discontinued starting April 26, 2011, urged users to migrate to either Google Chrome or Firefox. Makes sense, considering Flock was first built on Firefox’s Mozilla platform before jumping over to Chromium last year.

Flocksters near and far who’ll miss that side-loading social features tray (though perhaps not the limited stock of extensions) may be wondering — what gives? Well, the writing was probably on the wall when the Flock team got snatched up by the social gaming gurus at Zynga just a few months ago. The notable part was that the deal included neither the CEO (Shawn Hardin) nor the flagship project (Flock). It was purely a talent acquisition.

Before you go blaming Zynga though, the company heads never laid claim to the browser or service, so pulling the plug on Flock wasn’t their idea. Then again, how can a business stay open when there’s no one left to mind the store?

Don’t know if having a theory for Flock’s departure helps, but if you’re really distraught about it, there’s always RockMelt to help fill the void.

Do you use Flock? Which browser will you move over to now? Let us know what your plans are in the comments. And if you’ve got another favorite alterna browser, don’t be stingy — share the info below.

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