The concept of downloading a movie or television show onto removable media such as an SD card or thumb drive is hardly innovative, and despite previous failures, another company is going to give it a go.. If you remember, Warner and Paramount agreed to offer their titles via downloadable media and Blockbuster tried implementing this kiosk system a few years ago, yet both of these ventures seem to have to have failed miserably.

Flix on Stix is a new company based on the downloadable media concept.  Details of pricing have yet to be disclosed, but rental rates are expected to run $1, $2, $3 and $4 with rental time frames running three, six, nine and twelve days. Obviously, the more you pay the longer you get to keep the title. Customers can either supply their own USB stick or purchase one from the machine for a yet to be determined price. Surprisingly the kiosks will be USB 3.0 compatible.

flix-on-stix-debut-nationwideThe kiosk will accept Visa or Mastercard with Amex and Discover users being left out of this equation, which boggles my mind considering those cardholders make up roughly one third of the market. As of now, cash will not be accepted as it would probably lead to theft and vandalism.

Download speeds will an obvious issue, especially when attempting to download a full length feature film in 1080p, which would be about 4GB worth of data. Depending on connection speeds this will take anywhere from ten to twenty minutes, so I can't see people waiting in line at these kiosks. I can't even stand waiting for for the ATM to spit my card back out at the end of a transaction, let alone wait behind someone downloading a full length movie. The promotional video from the company shows one customer playing video poker while she waits. I just can't see this flying when there is a line forming behind her.

The company states that the kiosks will be showing up in the next three to four months, so we will keep our eye on this development and try to test one out. If you happen to stumble upon one of these kiosks let us know where you found it and what the experience was like in the comments below.