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Following several weeks of exclusivity on the Samsung Galaxy S III, social news reader Flipboard is now available to download from Google Play. The free application, which initially made its debut on the iPad, now includes the Google+ integration that we reported on earlier this week.

In addition to Google+, Flipboard can gather news from your RSS feeds, your Facebook and Twitter accounts, YouTube, and more. It presents all of your favorite content in a gorgeous, magazine-like interface, and allows you to comment, 'like', and share each story.

Flipboard is currently optimized for Android smartphones — rather than tablets — and although there is an app for the iPad, it is unclear whether that will make its way to Android-powered tablets. However, I don't see why a tablet version wouldn't be in Flipboard's pipeline somewhere along the way.

Some of you may already be using the Flipboard beta, after the package that was meant to be exclusively available to the Galaxy S III was leaked online. But for those of you who aren't, I highly recommend you give Flipboard a try.

Google Play link: Flipboard

[via SlashGear]