Flipboard user-created magazine

Have you flipped for Flipboard? This news and social feed reader has always had a magazine-like approach to content consumption — with a beautiful, editorially driven layout and a “flip” interface that feels like turning pages. And now the iOS app has taken the concept one step further by letting users curate their very own digital magazines.

The key is content discovery and curation. New content sources were added to the app, and with its new search feature, users can dig up items by topic, person or #hashtag. Adding items is as easy as clicking the “+” button on anything from articles and pics, to vids and audio clips. The app lays it all out, making it easy for users to make their own magazines based on themes, hashtags or other topics — from dream vacations to hobbies.

flipboard iphone app custom magazines

Proud of your magazines? Go ahead and share them, or find and follow other users’ mags. (Take that Pinterest — you’re not the only one with massive viral potential.) Even actual magazine publishers are getting in on the action. For instance, Rolling Stone even repurposed some of its existing Beatles content and music clips to create its own themed Flipboard issue.

This alone makes for one stunning update. But the developer wasn’t done yet — it added Etsy to the mix, so users can shop for products directly in the app like they would from a catalog.

Oh, and if you’re a Google Reader user, you’ll be happy to know that syncing your account to Flipboard will save those feeds before the end comes. But why wait? If you’re an iOS user, you can download the free update right now. (Note: Android users can’t create their own magazines at this time, but they do have the ability to access others’ custom magazines.)

If you could run your own magazine, which kind would you create? Sports? Tech? Car? Cooking mag? Other? Weigh in.