Google has Google Cast and Apple has AirPlay. Now meet Amazon Fling. The company recently released developer tools that will allow app makers to build support into their apps for sharing content direct from a mobile device to the Amazon Fire TV.

"The SDK allows sending video, audio and images from iOS, Android or Fire OS mobile apps to Amazon Fire TV," Amazon said in its relatively quiet announcement. "With our SDK, you can "fling" media content to Amazon Fire TV and leverage two-way communication between Amazon Fire TV and mobile apps to create engaging second screen experiences." In other words, it sounds like it works almost exactly as AirPlay or Google Cast.

A couple of apps are already outfitted with Fling, including "Karaoke Party" and "Rivet Radio," the latter of which lets you fling news to your television. It's likely we'll see more of these in the future; it's an incredibly convenient feature to have when you're lounging on the couch and want to share something from your mobile device to the TV for all to see or hear.