This had me dying at my desk earlier today. Dying. YouTuber Airforceproud95, who packs more than 200k subscribers and a ton of great videos similar to this one, upload a clip called "TROLLING as an Air Traffic Controller in Flight Sim X! (Multiplayer)."

It's really something special, so strap in for more than 10 minutes of pure, ridiculous insanity.

Is there such a thing as "trollplaying?"

I don't know if I'd be ready to call what this guy does "trolling," per se. He isn't exactly making the game a miserable experience for anyone. In fact, I'd offer that he's making Flight Sim X even better thanks to his ridiculous one-liners, sound effects and potential air traffic control knowledge. I say potential because I don't know enough about ATC to say this dude is legitimately knowledgeable.

But, he sounds it. Is he roleplaying? Even better, is he trollplaying?