As one of the more addicting titles on the iOS platform, Flight Control is also one of the more successful app development stories that helped catapult itself into the extraordinary success it saw on both the iPhone and iPad.  The app developer Firemint has announced that it’s taking Flight Control beyond the iPhone/iPad and onto Sony’s PS3 this September.


Available in the Playstation Network on September 15th,  Flight Control will bring 1080p visuals, stereoscopic 3D, and Playstation Move compatibility.  Without Move, Flight Control will also be compatible with Dualshock 3 controllers while providing up to four player drop in and out, co-op mode, and an exclusive new “Metropolis” map to bring the total up to 9 different maps, four of which are super-sized.

Something tells me Flight Control isn’t the last title that’s going to find its way to bigger but not necessarily better things.  Will more iPhone and iPad games make their way to a bigger screen?  If you’ve got one you’d like to see make to the jump, leave its name in the comments.