From the moment I spotted Fleye’s Kickstarter page I was intrigued. Then I spoke to c0-creator Laurent Eschenauer and I knew it was something special. So I jumped at the chance to see Fleye for myself last week at CES. I definitely wasn’t disappointed, though it wasn’t exactly what I expected, either.

Fleye was designed with an emphasis on safety, which is why all the dangerous propellers are hidden behind a soft plastic shell. As a result, this drone also sports a pretty awesome futuristic design. It looks like the kind of floating orb you’d expect to see in your favorite sci-fi movie, but I can now say with total certainty that this thing really flies.

Once I was in the drone cage and Flye had taken off, there was only one thing left to do: touch it. That’s the point, right? But when I reached out my hand and pushed the drone something unexpected happened. It pushed back pretty aggressively. I was still totally safe, just surprised to see that this little gadget seemed to have some pent-up aggression.

Eschenauer quickly explained that a light touch is more than enough to push Fleye out of your face. Anything stronger than that and the drone will push back to auto-correct the movement. You can also grab the drone and flip it over to instantly shut off the motor, though putting your hand underneath will mess with the sensors.

Fleye still has a few days to go on Kickstarter, though it already hit its crowd-funding goal. If you want to get your hands on this drone as soon as possible, hit the link below to pre-order one now.