Flextronics, the Texas-based electronics manufacturer that assembles Motorola’s Moto X, and is expected to work with Apple on the upcoming Mac Pro, is apparently on a hiring spree. It revealed today that it’s gearing up to manufacture a “next generation desktop computer” and will need to boost its workforce, the Austin America-Statesmen reports.

The company has spent millions to renovate a Texas factory, formerly used by Nokia, in an effort to take advantage of a new initiative from leading U.S. tech companies to bring parts of the manufacturing process back from overseas. Flextronics also revealed that it has already added 879 jobs for the unnamed computer project, and expects to hire an additional 815 workers.

Both Flextronics and Cupertino remain tight-lipped on whether the new computer Flextronics is building is Apple’s redesigned Mac Pro computer, though the news lines up with predictions that the Mac Pro will launch later this fall. Apple has also confirmed that the Mac Pro will be assembled in the U.S. The new Mac Pro was announced at WWDC 2013, and is reportedly 10 times faster that the previous model. It features a cylindrical design that pulls heat away from the CPU and GPUs into its thermal core to avoid overheating.