Tired of Apple's keyboard in iOS? While it has certainly led to millions of hilarious auto-correct mistakes, the keyboard has also been a painpoint for some users, especially those that prefer other options that are available on different operating systems, such as Android. Fleksy is working to change that on iOS, and recently launched its SDK for developers.

The SDK will allow app-makers to add Fleksy as the main keyboard inside of an application, which means you might soon be able to open up your favorite chat app and, instead of seeing Apple's keyboard, you would be greeted by Fleksy instead. The software had already been in a private beta, and according to 9to5Mac, about a dozen apps are already going to offer support for the keyboard today.

"We're very excited to finally make our SDK available to hundreds of thousands of developers around the world," Fleksy COO Ioannis Verdelis said. "We learned a lot from the private beta and today's release brings the most beautiful, streamlined 3rd-party keyboard experience yet for iOS."

Unfortunately, this doesn't mean you're going to use Fleksy inside of iMessage or Apple's other native apps -the company would need to approve that, and Apple has so far shunned the idea of allowing third party keyboards to enter that ecosystem. However, we may see Fleksy added in other important apps – like third party email clients, note-taking apps, chat apps, social networking apps and more. To try Fleksy, head to the download link below.