Fleksy Gear 2

There are plenty of things the Gear 2 can do well, but replying to text messages wasn't one of them… until now. The smartwatch is able to receive text messages but, save for by voice input, there hasn't been a great option for responding to them. That may finally change thanks to Fleksy, which released a new messaging app today designed specifically for the wearable device.

The new app will replace Samsung's built-in SMS service on the Gear 2, offering a simple clean interface combined with the company's own predictive typing technology. By scanning through your devices, Fleksy learns which words you use the most and when you use them, letting it make accurate predictions to speed up the typing process significantly. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the app includes a swipe-to-type option, probably as a result of the Gear 2's tiny display, so you'll still need to peck around.

This is the first time we've seen Fleksy release its own messaging app instead of simply offering its keyboard for use with other applications. The company's popular keyboard is available on Android for $3.99, and Fleksy is also available as an SDK for iOS app developers who want to make use of its technology.