FLCL is a strange, wonderful journey of an anime. Yōji Enokido and Kazuya Tsurumaki created a wild series about puberty, robots, sex, Japan and giant factories shaped liked irons. It’s a show about the space between being a kid and an adult, and it’s great.

The second and third seasons are coming back, starting with the second in 2018. The new take was revealed by Toonami on Facebook Sunday night.

Gainax isn’t involved, but Production I.G. is. The music should make a triumphant return, and the original creators are at the helm. However, the look of that trailer and the characters, aside from Haruko Haruhaha, is a little off compared to the original.

And… now that I’ve watched that trailer, I’m digging up the original FLCL soundtrack on YouTube. The Pillows are an incredible J-Rock band. As you can tell by the trailer for FLCL2 and FLCL3 above, The Pillows are back. Here’s the original track, if you’re interested.