Flashback FridayFire up the DeLorean, we're heading back in time to 1983 for some Apple announcements.

Earlier this week we brought you all the coverage of WWDC 2012, so it only seemed fitting we take a look back at the very first Apple World Wide Developers Conference from 1983.  This is just the opening of the first keynote with a very young looking Steve Jobs going on at length about IBM, a company that Apple very much disliked.

This was the first the infamous "1984" ad was shown to anyone outside of Apple employees, and it went on to air only once during the Super Bowl in 1984.

This was a very different Apple.  There was no onslaught of  products being announced.  They were willing to talk about competition by name.  And Steve Jobs wasn't wearing a black turtleneck.

Enjoy the look back into the history of Apple.