It would seem that in 1994, the Internet stymied the hosts of the NBC Today show.

Back in the early to mid-1990's, the Internet was still this mysterious creature that not many people grasped.  Anytime you said the word "Internet" to someone, they looked at you like you had grown a second head, and you might as well forget trying to explain it to them.

The clip in this post features Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel (along with a third host I am unaware of) discussing an e-mail address that NBC wanted them to promote.  Apparently Mr. Grumbel is a bit more than perplexed by the whole concept of the Internet, and actually seems on the verge of anger because he just can't grasp it.

While this clip has been floating around for some time, and I actually debated posting it as part of my weekly series as everyone has seen it, apparently NBC is less than happy this has surfaced.  Rumor is that the network has even fired the employee who originally posted it, and has been following this up by demanding it be taken down everywhere it gets posted.  What started off as an "aw, remember those days?" moment has turned into a, "hey, stop being a bully!" moment.

No one was thinking the hosts were stupid, that's just how things were back then.  Even Ms. Couric found it amusing enough to mention it to her followers on Twitter.

If one of the hosts can laugh about it, why can't the network?

It's a nice slice of life before the Internet was this omnipresent entity in our world, and it's fun to look back it. Why make it an offense worthy of firing someone?

What say you? How do you take this video?